The definitive book from the Boy Scouts about Advancement:


Guide to Advancement


The District Advancement Committee has developed a guide for the steps in the Eagle process:


Eagle Process Instructions


There are also a number of presentations that you may download from, or view on YouTube.


  1. Introduction to the Guide to Advancement (10 min.)  DownloadView Now

  2. Judgment Calls (24 min.) covering the "active," position of responsibility, and Scout spirit requirements, and also "reasonable expectations."  DownloadView Now

  3. Boards of Review (15 min.)  DownloadView Now

  4. Boards of Review Under Disputed Circumstances (6 min.)  Download,  View Now

  5. Boards of Review Appeals (4 min.)  DownloadView Now

  6. The Eagle Scout Application Process (8 min.)  DownloadView Now

  7. Eagle Scout Boards of Review (4 min.)  DownloadView Now