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Pomperaug District Awards

Each year the Pomperaug District recognizes people that have made a difference in the District and for the youth we serve. Please see the sub-page to the left for the lists of honorees.


Silver Beaver - Established in 1931, the Silver Beaver Award is presented for distinguished service to young people within a BSA local council. A recipient must be a registered adult member of the BSA. Silver Beaver Awards are presented on the basis of the number of units in a council.


Venturing Leadership Award - The Venturing Leadership Award is presented by councils, areas, regions, and the BSA National Council to Venturers and adults who have made exceptional contributions to Venturing and who exemplify the Venturing Code. Venturing Leadership Award candidates must be registered and involved in Venturing as a Venturer or an adult for at least one year.


District Award of Merit - The District Award of Merit is presented to a registered Scouter who has rendered service of an outstanding nature to the District. This is a Council sponsored award that is the highest honor that a District can bestow on one of its Scouters. The District has available one award for every 25 units in the District.


Russ Cumming Award - Presented to a Scouter to recognize longstanding service to the District. Russ Cumming served the Nutmeg District and its predecessor as the District Commissioner for over 30 years, as well as Scouting for over 50 years. Russ received the Silver Beaver in 1975. The flagpole at the Easton Town Hall is dedicated Russ for his service to the Boy Scouts of America and the Town of Easton. Russ passed away in 1993.



Stew Stern Award - Presented to the Scouter who most represents the fourth, fifth, and sixth points of the Boy Scout Law (friendly, courteous, and kind). Stew Stern served as District Chairman and passed away suddenly in 2000.


DesRoches/McGuire Cub Scout Service Award - Present to a Scouter for distinguished service to Cub Scout youth in the Pomperaug District. Created in 2010 in honor of Mary Anne DesRoches and Sue McGuire for their long-time service to Cub Scouts.


Key Three Award - Each of the Key Three District leaders (District Executive, District Chair, and District Commissioner) chose a "key" volunteer to recognize for service over the past year.


First Class Scouter Award - This award is presented to a Scouter for outstanding service to Scouting in a Unit or to the District. Nominations are made by any registered leader in the District. Final selection is made by the Key 3. Up to 3 awards may be given per year.


Spark Plug Award - Given to a Scout Leader who has been the "spark" for their unit over the past year. This award is presented by the District based upon nominations from the units. In the past this was only awarded at the District level.