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Entering Unit/Eagle Service Hours

(If you have not logged in before you will need your unit ID number provided by council)


  1. Log Into My.Scouting.org
  2. Click on the 'Home' Button in the upper left corner and scroll down 'Legacy Web Tools'
  3. Scroll down and click on 'Service Hours Reporting'
    The service hours reporting login will now be available. If you have been through this login you can enter you name and password previously created. If you are a new User follow the direction where you will need to agree to a confidentiality statement then enter details shown below where you will need your unit ID number provided by Counsel.
  4. Once a new account has been formed the next section contains 3 parts
    1. View (edit) all previously recorded projects
    2. Enter a new service project
    3. Enter an Eagle Scout Service Project
  5. Entering a new project you will first decide the type of project then enter the following (note that some types of projects require different information than listed below)
    1. Date(s)
    2. Number of registered and non-registered youth and adults
    3. Total hours (number of people X hours worked)
    4. Any partners who you worked with (were other groups involved)
    5. Who sponsored the project
    6. Brief Description
  6. Entering an Eagle Project (see below)
    In the Eagle Project reporting the you will need the scouts full name, BSA ID, project completion date and title. Wait unit the project is completed and then enter the data with the Eagle Project report in hand. Do not be concerned about back dates, just enter the data as you know it as previous calendar year projects will count for the current year.