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Regional and National Awards

Silver Buffalo

Silver Buffalo Square knotCreated in 1925, the Silver Buffalo Award for distinguished service to youth is awarded to those persons who give noteworthy and extraordinary service to youth. This award is Scouting's highest commendation of the invaluable contributions that outstanding Americans make to youth. The service must be national in scope and can be independent of, or directly through, the Boy Scouts of America. Learn more about the Silver Buffalo and see the list of recipients here.


Silver Buffalo



The following individuals from the geographic area of our Council have been awarded the Silver Buffalo:


1926 - Daniel Carter Beard

 Redding, Connecticut
Illustrator, author, founding pioneer of the BSA and first National Scout Commissioner

1926 - John Sherman Hoyt

 Darien, Connecticut
 Manufacturer; Chairman, Finance Committee, Boy Scouts of America
 1926 - Ernest Thompson Seton
 Greenwich, Connecticut
 Noted author, wildlife artist, founder of the Wood Craft Indians, founding pioneer of the BSA and first Chief Scout

1932 - Alfred W. Dater
Stamford, Connecticut
Utilities Executive; First Chairman, Sea Scout Committee


1938 - William T. Hornaday
Stamford, Connecticut
Zoologist and Conservationist; Pioneer; Scouter

 1941 - Edgar Rickard

Darien, Connecticut
Mining Engineer; Humanitarian; Friend to Scouting


1943 - Harry C. Knight
New Haven, Connecticut
Business Executive; Philanthropist; Scouter


1949 - Luther A. Weigle
New Haven, Connecticut
Educator; Dean; Bible Scholar; Pioneer Scouter


1980 - Sonia S. Maguire
Stamford, Connecticut
Humanitarian; Benefactor of Scouting


1990 - Marian Anderson
Danbury, Connecticut
Contralto; Concert Artist; Friend of Youth



Silver Antelope

Silver AntelopeThe Silver Antelope Award, created in 1942, is granted for outstanding service to youth within the territory of a BSA region. The criteria are similar to those for the Silver Buffalo, with one major difference: A recipient must be a registered adult member of the Boy Scouts of America. The awards are presented in connection with regional meetings or at other public functions within the region. The National Court of Honor bestows Silver Antelope Awards on the basis of the number of registered volunteers in a region. A nomination form is available here.


Silver Antelope


The following individuals from our Council have been awarded the Silver Antelope:


Arnold J. Alderman - 1987

Felix Antedomenico

James Q. Bensen - 1969

Dorothy M. Danaher - 1986

Claire Dibble - 1996

William C. Kuryla, PhD - 1973

Carleton E. Hammond - 1973

Lawrence Iannotti - 1985

Robert S. Judd - 1946

H. Elliott Netherton, Jr. - 1998

David A. North - 1966

Walter N. Plaut - 1976

Robert T. Sadock, MD - 2012

Harry L. White - 1956



Silver World

Silver WorldThe Silver World Award, conceived in 1971, is presented by the BSA to world citizens who give outstanding service to their nation's youth or to young people in other countries. Award recipients must be citizens of countries whose Scout associations are members of the World Scout Conference. United States citizens may receive the recognition only if they are not registered members of the Boy Scouts of America.


Silver World Ribbon