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Unit Recharter Instructions

2018 Unit Recharter Process


Welcome to the Connecticut Yankee Council unit recharter instructions. This guide will walk you through this annual process to ensure that common errors are avoided. PLEASE read these instructions completely. This will help you avoid mistakes that will cost you time and energy.





The annual Internet Charter Renewal application will be submitted electronically at a National BSA Internet Rechartering website using the same code-accessed gateway at the Connecticut Yankee Council (CYC) website as in prior years: http://www.ctyankee.org/resources/recharter


The unit access code will be sent to the Unit Leader, Committee Chairman, and Charter Organization Representative by email as part of a Recharter letter distributed by National Council.


Districts may choose to hold a Recharter Day to assist units with questions or collect Recharter checks and other information. Charter Renewal applications must be submitted on or before the deadline of Saturday, November 18, 2017.


BSA has posted a tutorial including a help page and a Membership Applications page.


A “Unit Renewal Processor” (URP) is the person from each unit that completes the unit’s Internet Charter Renewal. The URP will be able to add youth and adult members while using Internet Rechartering program. The URP must have a fully completed BSA member application for every member being added. However, it is preferred that units submit applications to the Council office at least one week prior to using the Internet Rechartering program.


The role of Charter Organization Representative is important and should not be changed without due cause.  If the unit feels that the person in this role should be changed please consult with your District Commissioner or District Executive prior to making a change.


BSA requires that Youth Protection Training (YPT) be completed in the current calendar year by all adult leaders. All adult unit leaders will be checked for annual Youth Protection Training compliance as part of the Internet Rechartering program.  Members that do not comply will not be reregistered.


The Unit will be able to pay its member’s registration, insurance and Boy’s Life fees with a credit card as part of Internet Rechartering. The annual BSA Registration Fee has increased from $24.00 to $33.00 for the 2018 recharter year. The annual insurance fee is $5.00 per person.


Note: Please be sure to verify the training status of the adult leaders in your unit prior to paying the fees to register them. You are paying your registration and insurance fees directly to the BSA and they have a strict no-refund policy.


Two required elements of Rechartering are not included as part of the Internet Charter Renewal application:


Payment of the annual CYC Operations Fee ($24.00 per youth, $12.00 per adult.)  The Operations Fee will be collected at the CYC website via a link at the Recharter page.  Units will be able to pay with a credit/debit card, use funds from the unit’s store account, or submit a check to the Council office by November 18 to ensure their Charter Renewal application is processed in a timely manner.   


Confirmation of Leader Specific Training by all registered BSA adult leaders.  Note: Leaders who do not complete the BSA training program required for their specific volunteer leadership role will not be registered. Leader specific training status can be verified and proof of training submitted during the October or November District Roundtable meetings. If a completed training program appears to be missing please contact your Unit Commissioner or District Commissioner.


There will be an opportunity near the end of the Internet Rechartering program to check a box if you wish to authorize CYC to charge your unit account for your Charter Renewal fees. Please make sure your unit has sufficient funds on deposit if you plan to utilize this payment method.


Staff will be on hand at the October and November Roundtables to schedule Friends of Scouting visits to all units, schedule OA elections, accept Journey to Excellence forms, and to help with the electronic Internet Charter Renewal program. OA elections may also be scheduled online



For any questions regarding the Recharter process or the Internet Rechartering program please contact:    


Michael Carpenter, mike@mcarpenter.com

Phone or text at: (203) 731-1523


For questions regarding Youth Protection or Leader Specific Training status please contact your District Commissioner.


If you have a Recharter question that directly involves the Council office please contact Karen Caiati at karen.caiati@scouting.org.  Please do not call to check YPT or Leader Specific Training status.


To pay Recharter fees by check please mail to:

Connecticut Yankee Council, BSA

PO Box 32

Milford, CT   06460


If you have a question regarding your Recharter check payment contact:

Diana Knapp (203) 951-0232



Recharter is first and foremost about the youth and adults in your unit. It is our shared responsibility to ensure that everyone who believes that they are registered in the Boy Scouts of America are registered in the correct unit. All of the information collected during this process is vital to ensuring that the Council and our volunteers can serve your unit during the coming year.


IMPORTANT - All youth and adult registrations for new youth must be submitted to the Council Resource Center in the month that the individuals join. Please send all applications to the Council Resource Center with appropriate registration fees prior to logging in and starting charter renewal. This will allow us to process your registrations and have them appear on your internet recharter roster when you load it. You can complete steps 1-3 while you wait for applications to be processed and internet recharter to go live on October 1.


Charters are due on or before November 18

Questions: karen.caiati@scouting.org