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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Currently our Annual Registration fee is $38.00; where does that money go?


There is an Annual Registration fee of $33.00 which is charged by BSA for program development, national high adventure bases, publications, criminal background checks on all adult volunteers and the national websites. The remaining $5.00 is used to offset Unit accident and liability insurance premiums.


Q. The Connecticut Yankee Council gets none of the Annual Registration fee?


Correct, none of the $33.00 National Registration fee is kept by the Council. The $5.00 that is collected is used to directly offset our insurance premiums, and that has remained unchanged for several years.


Q. In our Pack/Troop/Crew we pay more than $38.00 annually; where does that money go?


Your local unit may (or may not) charge annual dues. We have found many local units charge anywhere from $25 to $150 or more, to defray local unit expenses.


Q. So what will be the total cost per member each year?


Member Status
Operations Fee
Youth Member $24.00
Adult Member $12.00

Merit Badge Counselor (with no other registration)  -  No Fee

Tiger or Lion Cub Adult Partner (with no other registration)  -  No Fee



Each Scout will pay a $33.00 BSA National Registration fee plus a $24.00 Council Operations Fee plus a $5.00 insurance liability fee, for a total of $62.00

Each Adult will pay a $33.00 BSA National Registration fee plus a $12.00 Council Operations Fee plus a $5.00 insurance liability fee, for a total of $50.00
Subscription costs for Boys Life (optional) are an additional $12.00
Any fees assessed by your Unit are extra


Q. How will the Operations Fee be used?


The Operations Fee will supplement our existing revenue streams in support of all our Council services, programs and properties, including paying down of debt.


Q. The Operations Fee is being set at $24.00; do you see that going up?


We have no plans of raising the fee at this time.


Q. Will the Operations Fee affect Family Friends of Scouting (FOS)?


FOS remains an important part of the Council’s revenue, covering approximately 10% of our annual costs. There are no plans to change FOS.


Q. Why is the Adult Operations Fee $12.00 but the Youth Operations Fee $24.00?


Your Executive Board understands that many Adults in Scouting also have a son or daughter in the program. By setting the Adult Fee lower than the Youth Fee, we wanted to reduce the financial impact of the Operations Fee on a family. We also recognized that our Adult volunteers give extensively of their time, and felt that a reduced fee took this time commitment into account, even if modestly.


Q. What if this fee creates a hardship for any family in my Unit?


The Executive Board does not intend to have the Operations Fee become an undue financial hardship on any specific family. Affordability was taken into account by the Board when the Fee was set at $24.00 per Youth and $12.00 per Adult. The Operations Fee may be waived for families based on an application for assistance due to financial hardship. Unit Leader will be responsible for submitting applications from families at the time of charter renewal.


Click here to download a copy of the Application for Financial Assistance form.


Q. Will the Operations Fee apply to youth registered as Unit College Scouter Reserve (92U)?


No, Youth Members who are away at college and are registered as Unit College Scouter Reserve will not be responsible for payment of the Operations Fee.


Q. What if I have additional questions?


Contact any member of your District Key 3 - District Chair, District Commissioner, District Executive.


Revised: March 31, 2018