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Activity Highlights - III



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Through The Support and Efforts of Many! 






2009's Fall Major Work Party was another success story,

with about 50 participants, a lot was accomplished.



Highlights include; a new roof on lean-to #2 in Ledge, two new gates were constructed for the

Family Camp entrance, Cabins 5, 6, & 7 exteriors were stained, the new Alderman Center's

entry apron is now three quarters complete, the Handicrafts street side exterior door was

replaced, and platforms for our new High C.O.P.E. course have been fabricated, and that’s

just part of the story. So I’d like to thank all of those that pitched-in with a special thanks to

Chef Tommy Gordon and his crew, who out did themselves with Saturday's Lasagna dinner.

 THANKS ALL!  (Sept. 2009)




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Thanks to Steve Szypulski (pictured) we now have a new furnace and A/C coil at the

Alderman Center. Included is a new plenum and transitional ductwork thanks to Donald

Mauri, now retired, from the West Haven Sheetmetal Company. And last but not least,

 Thanks to you Ranger Dave! (Nov 2009)




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The High C.O.P.E. course is now well under way, It all started some years ago,

when Ranger Dave began clearing the way. He's had a lot of help from many, over the

last few years. Including, from candidates from a number O.A. Ordeal weekends (Oct 2009)

A total of 11 poles were set in the ground by a special group of volunteers (Jan 2007)

12 High C.O.P.E.elements have been Installed including a Zip Line designed to thrill (Nov 2009)

And Ranger Dave has been hard at work preparing the area for grass (Late Fall 2009)





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