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Centennial Quality District Award

"To Improve the QUALITY of Program in Every Unit in the Lighthouse District!"


About The Program

The Centennial Quality Awards program is designed to recognize units, districts and councils in achieving excellence in providing a quality program to a growing youth population in America at all levels of the Boy Scouts of America.


The new National Strategic Plan will guide the Boy Scouts of America as we embrace our mission to serve youth. Our rich history gives us a foundation upon which to adapt to America's evolving culture. Our mission has not changed, nor have our principles.


We have a great history, a forthright and honorable tradition, and as we embark upon our second century, we must be prepared to meet the needs of tomorrow's families. The methods must change to meet the needs of time, but the honor and vision of Scouting remain strong and will propel our mission into its next hundred years.


Every unit begins their journey by assessing their strengths and areas that need improvement (Membership growth, Quality Program, Retention of youth and adult leaders, Basic Leader Training, and the recruitment of "active and engaged" unit adult leaders and parents). The best way to accomplish this is to complete the unit self-assessment, and involve your unit commissioner in support of your quality unit program.


For more information and to get involved in improving the quality of your unit please contact your unit commissioner or Lighthouse District Commissioner Keith Spaar at kspaar@snet.net. The Lighthouse District is committed to improving the QUALITY of every unit and so should you!


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