Connecticut Yankee Council, BSA

District Committee

District Key 3
District Chairman Scott McCurdy 203-929-1814
District Commissioner Seth Strohecker 203-816-1683
District Executive Bill Reynolds 203-951-0486

Vice Chair for Finance Dennis Doherty 203-332-0160
FOS Family Campaign Chairman Joyce Ference 203-218-1571
FOS Community Campaign Chairman Martin Berger
Ad Sales Campaign Chairman Charlie Griggs 203-259-3024
Project Sales Campaign Chairman VACANT
Popcorn Kernel Dennis Doherty 203-332-0160
Capital Campaign Coordinator John Neary 203-381-0878

Vice Chair for Membership Hugh Welch 203-610-2323
Save-A-Scout Campaign Chairman VACANT
Jewish Committee on Scouting Rep. David Elkodsi 203-261-9173
Catholic Committee on Scouting Rep. David Nobile 203-257-7658
Protestant Committee on Scouting Rep. VACANT
Latter-day Saints Committee Rep. Scott McCurdy 203-929-1814
Special Needs Scouting Coordinator Craig Van Steenbergen 203-259-4992

Vice Chair for Program John Neary 203-381-0878
Cub Scout Activities Chairman J C Cinelli 917-640-8766
Boy Scout Activities Chair Frank Duffy 203-373-1393
Cub Scout Training Committee Chairman Donna Fallacaro
Boy Scout Training Committee Chairman Gene Waring 203-888-2632
Advancement Committee Chairman Pat Day 203-261-8211
Merit Badge Counselor Coordinator Chet Bankowski 203-268-1797
Camping Promotions Committee Chairman Doug Heim 203-374-8484
Order of the Arrow Chapter Advisor Vacant
Eagle Outreach Coordinator Michael Card
Scouting for Food Chair Larry Scinto
Venturing Committee Joyce Ference 203-218-1571

Nominating Committee Chairman Peter Anstett
Public Relations and Marketing VACANT
Webmaster Bill Amidon 203-261-8528

Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner Dan Marazita
Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner John Valus
Venturing Roundtable Joyce Ference 203-218-1571