VFW Scouters Achievement Award

VFWThis award is designed to recognize VFW Scouters who serve on the VFW State and National Scouting teams for a three-year period and who accomplish the required tasks during this period. This award is not meant to be a selective or limited award, but one that is available to any VFW Scouter on the Scouting team who completes the requirements. It is our personal VFW award to recognize dedication and work required by a VFW team member to assist in furthering the Scouting program in the VFW.


The award consists of a gold and purple square knot which may be worn on the Scout uniform and a certificate.




It is expected that the VFW team members will work to provide the maximum impact of VFW support to the Scouting program and to achieve maximum visibility for VFW efforts.


Service. Be registered in a Scouting position at the District or Council level: Chartered Organizational Representative (COR), District/ Council Member-at-Large, Unit Commissioner.


Objective: To go beyond the Post and be able to understand and influence Scouting in the VFW District and Department as well as at the local Council level.


Training. While a member of the State or National team:

  • Attend a VFW Scouter’s training course at State or National Level.
  • Participate in a Chartered Organizational Representative (COR) training course.
  • Complete a BSA District staff training course or
  • Attend a Woodbadge training program.


Tenure. (Tenure starts when you join the team.)


Complete a total of three years as a member on the National or State Team of VFW Scouters.


Performance. While a member of the State or National team do five of the following:

  1. Serve a minimum of two years as a Post Chartered Organizational Representative for Scouting and demonstrate success with your units in terms of growth in program.
  2. Help with your VFW Department or District or Post to raise funds to support Scouting in your Department.
  3. Participate with a local BSA District or Council Friends of Scouting fundraising effort.
  4. Serve on the staff of a Department or National training team to train VFW Scouters.
  5. Participate as member of a BSA District or Council Membership/Relationships Committee and represent the VFW.
  6. Assist in organizing or reorganizing a Scout Troop, Cub Pack or Venture Crew in a VFW unit.
  7. Participate in the Eagle Scout of the Year program at Post, District or Department level.
  8. Make contact with Scout Troops and Venture Crews in your area through visits, roundtables or other means and solicit their participation in the Youth Essay and VOD programs and document the results of your efforts.
  9. Recruit manpower from your Post or VFW District to support a Scout activity such as a camporee, bicycle rodeo, merit badge day or other related event to help further VFW recognition in support of the Scouting program.
  10. Develop and carry out or participate in a VFW program to recognize the leaders of Scouting programs in your Post, District or Department.
  11. Promote and coordinate the development of a network of State VFW Scouting Team members to assist in the development of Scouting within the VFW.




Obtain the approval of the Department Commander and Department National Team Scouter that you have satisfactorily completed the requirements for this award.


Documentation will be sent to VFW National Headquarters for review and final approval.