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Jewish Committee on Scouting

Shalom in Scouting.  We must always remember and be guided by our mission statement. We are here to aid, enhance, guide, sculpture, and applaud the accomplishments of our youth. How can we do this?  It’s rather simple.  We are committed to support the scouts through our religious programs. Our programs start with our religious emblems – Maccabee, Aleph, Ner Tamid and Etz Chaim. We have Scout Shabbats.  We teach the history of Judaism in scouting. We deliver quality year long and Jamboree program. We sponsor units through our synagogues and temples. We have scholarships. We communicate and accomplish all our goals in every way possible. We use all resources available especially each other. We eliminate the politics and do what needs to be done. We are Jewish Scouters with a mission.


For more information of the Council's Jewish Committee on Scouting, contact the Committee Chair, Dave Elkodsi at elkodsi@earthlink.net