The Boy Scouts of America and the Connecticut Yankee Council strongly believes that every youth deserves a trained leader. Help deliver the Scout Promise by being a better trained leader. For more information about the dates for a particular course, please consult the training catalog or contact your district training chairman or your district executive.


Did you know that trained leaders recharter 18 percent more youth than an untrained leader? Parents expect to have their boys led by quality-trained leaders, and upon recruitment, we promise to train new leaders in their positions. To achieve this objective, the Boy Scouts of America have designed interactive and fun training sessions.


There are numerous training opportunities offered during the calendar year. Courses range from basic leader orientations to how to camp with numerous Scouts and their families in a Pack setting to advanced leadership training for adults, Wood Badge Training is available to assist you as you provide a quality program for the youth.


In 2015 the Executive Board of the Connecticut Yankee Council updated the policy on Required Training for all adult leaders. We believe that in order to best serve the youth in our communities, our adult leaders must be trained. We owe it to the youth members to ensure that the volunteers providing the program are trained in appropriate program delivery. Additional information on the Required Training Policy can be found through the links provided on the menu portion of this page.



Every Youth Deserves a Trained Leader