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Participant Resources

Last Updated: 09/29/2017

Welcome to Wood Badge. The Staff promises to deliver a high quality program to all of the participants. This page will contain information and resources for course participants before and during the course. Please check back often for additional information. 


2019 Staff Contacts


2018 Staff Contacts


2017 Staff Contacts


Ticket Information - 2018


Handouts - 2017 Weekend 2


Course Location

The 2019 course will be held at Camp Sequassen. Participation in both weekends is required.


Pre-course Questions

Prior to the start of the Course, the Course Director will request that each participant answer a short series of questions to help the participant lay the groundwork for the course by developing a solid understanding of personal interests, values, and sense of the future.


Participant Resource Questionnaire

Participants are requested to complete a questionnaire prior to attending the course. It will be emailed prior to the course.


Equipment ListCanteen Cup

An equipment list for the course will be emailed prior to the course. Some additional equipment is needed for the second weekend of the course, and will be discussed in greater detail during the first weekend of the Wood Badge course.


Medical Form

Each Participant is required to have successfully completed a recent medical examination appropriate to a high adventure program. (Wood Badge is considered a high adventure program by BSA.) Parts A, B and C are required for Wood Badge. Please note: the height and weight restrictions in Part C do NOT apply to the Wood Badge courses held by Connecticut Yankee Council. The medical form must be signed by a health professional and must be turned in prior to the start of the Wood Badge course. The LATEST version of the form (2014 printing) must be used.


After the Course

Click on this link for information for Participants after completion of the Wood Badge course. More information




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